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2015-12-29 来源:读书人网 
2015年下半年大学英语四六级考试于12月19日举行,外语频道第一时间汇总发布了【英语四级真题及答案 英语六级真题及答案】,供广大考生查阅。

  Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay based on thepicture below。You should focus on theimpact of social networking websites on reading。

  “I love reading。 I read about 3 hours aday。

  My favorite book is Facebook。”

  *Facebookis the name of a social networking website。



  第一段: 描述漫画内容。强调网络阅读的趋势和现象

  第二段: 分析网络读书的原因。(或阐述不同的人的不同观点)在这一段,既可以把网络阅读的影响力归结为利大于弊,也可以归结为弊大于利,自圆其说即可。


  Thepicture describes a conversation between two people,one of them said: “I readabout 3 hours a day。My favorite book is Facebook。”The picture intends toinform us that the Internet has exerted an important influence on reading forthe modern citizens。

  The phenomenon involves many factors,which canbe listed as the follows。 To begin with,with the rapid development of scientific technology,The Internet has become indispensable in our daily life.Undoubtedly,it provides people with many advantages and makes our life morecomfortable and efficient, including the way of reading。What’s more,it is a moreadvanced way to get information needed by people,and an efficient way to searchfor materials。“I have hardly ever bought any books since 2003。I have beenreading online in recent years。”said professor Wang from Peking University。“With the click of the mouse,any stories or information that I want at anygiven time or place,is there。”she said。This may well explain why so manypeople now prefer to embrace the wonders of the Internet than read print copiesof book or any other reading material。

  Every coin hastwo sides,reading in social networking websites is no exception。 Admittedly,there is false and useless information on the social networking websites, it isadvisable that we read more critically and carefully。

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