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2015-12-29 来源:读书人网 
2015年下半年大学英语四六级考试于12月19日举行,外语频道第一时间汇总发布了【英语四级真题及答案 英语六级真题及答案】,供广大考生查阅。


  For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese into English。 You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2。



  In China, the parents endeavour to help their children and even make important decisions for them regardless of the children’s actual needs, because they believe what they do is good to their children. As a result, the growth and education of the children more often than not yields to the will of their parents.

  If the parents decide to register for an extra-curricular class in order to increase the chance of being admitted to a key school, they will hold their decision firmly even if their children are not interested at all。 However, in America, the parents may respect their children’s opinions and pay more attention to their ideas when making decisions。 It may be praiseworthy of the Chinese parents to attach great importance to education, but they should learn from the American parents how to balance the relationship between they and their offspring when it is come to education。

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