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2015-12-29 来源:读书人网 
2015年下半年大学英语四六级考试于12月19日举行,外语频道第一时间汇总发布了【英语四级真题及答案 英语六级真题及答案】,供广大考生查阅。


  As is shown above, in the middle of the picture sit two people, one of whom said, “I love reading but my favorite book is Facebook. This cartoon is trying to inform us that Internet, as a matter of fact, has been performing an indispensable role in reading for modern life.

  There are two factors leading to this phenomenon reflected by the cartoon。 For one thing, with the scientific technology developing rapidly, the internet, to a large degree, plays a dominant part in our daily life。 Thus, there is no doubt that it offers us many advantages and makes our life more convenient and efficient, ranging from online meal booking to reading online。 Additionally, it is a more advanced approach to access to essential and useful information。 By clicking the mouse , any stories and information what I want at any given time and site can be accessed。 Consequently, that’s the reason why a large number of people prefer to choose the way of reading online。

  Admittedly, much useless and false information abounds on the internet。 It is advisable for us to reading more carefully and critically。

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