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  1. He keeps all his documents in a () box.

  A. strong, black, metal B. metal, strong, black

  C。 strong, metal, black D。 black, strong, metal (A)


  2. The balloon is () .

  A. belled-shape B. bell-shape C. bell shaped D. belled-shaped (C)

  名词+ed :形容词化。又如:3 legged table 三条腿的桌子

  3。 Besides being expensive, the food in the cafeteria tastes () 。

  A badly B. too badly C. too much bad D. bad (D)

  感官动词如feel、 smell 、sound、taste +形容词:听起来。。。

  属“主语+半系动词+表语”结构,这类词还有:keep , rest , remain , stay , lie , stand ; seem ,

  appear , look ; become , grow , turn , fall , get , go , come , run ; prove , turn out 等;

  4. The film made us laugh but it was not really () to watch.

  A. excitement B. excited C. excitable D. exciting (D)

  由分词作形容词时,现在分词表示主动或正进行中,如interesting , exciting ,flying leaves(飘舞

pk10开奖结果  的叶子)。过去分词表被动或已完成,如tired , flown leaves(遍地落叶)。

  5。 His speech soon made us feel() 。

  A。 bore B。 bored C。 boring D。 bore some (B)

  bored a. 感到厌倦的;

  6. I don’t know whether he is still () in collecting coins. He used to be, but that was several years ago.

  A。 interested B。 interesting C。 interest D。 disinterested (A)

  人+be interested in (to do) 对。。。感兴趣; It is interesting that or to do…做。。。是有趣的;

  7。 Would you be () do me a favour , please?

  A. kind enough B. kind as to C. as kind to D. so kind as to (D)

  so…as to = so…that be kind of… do sb. a favour

  8。 He will not be ……。 to vote in this year’s election。

  A。 old enough B。 as old enough C。 enough old D。 enough old as (A)

  be…(a.) enough to do… 足够…来做… enough要放在形容词后

  9. It’s never () .

  A. late enough to learn B. not late enough to learn

pk10开奖结果  C. too late to learn D. no late as not learn (C)

  too…(a.) to do…句型

  10. It’s () you back.

  A. delightful to see B. too delightful to see

  C. delightful of D. so delightful that have (A)

  It is…(a。) that… 形式主语

  11。 The noise outside was () 。 so…(a。) that…句型

  A. too irritating

  B。 so irritating so his speech was hardly audible

  C. so irritating that his speech was hardly audible

  D. so irritating enough that his speech was hardly audible (C)

  12。 Is shopping here very expensive? Yes, the price run() fifty dollars。

  A。 so high to B。 as high to C。 so high as D。 as high as (D)

  as…as… 象。。。一样 同级比较

  13. Are you going to the football game? No, the tickets are() for.

  A。 terrible expensive B。 so much expensive

  C。 far too expensive D。 highly expensive (C)

  too 太过于

  14. I should say Henry is not () much a writer as a reporter.

  A. that B. so C. this D. that (B)

  be not so…as… 与其说。。。还不如说。。。

  15. I won’t pay $20 for the coat; it’s not worth() .

pk10开奖结果  A. all that much B. that much all C. that all much D. much all that (A)

  all要放在前面。Be worth…值。。。 be worth doing 值得做。。。be worthy of…值得。。。的

  16. He had () on the subject.

  A。 a rather strong opinion B。 rather strong opinion

  B. rather the strong opinion D. the rather strong opinion (A)

pk10开奖结果  rather+贬义形容词;fairly+褒义形容词;名词前排序:冠词+描绘词+特征词

  17. He knows little of mathematics, and () of chemistry.

  A. even more B. still less C. no less D. still more (B)

  still less 更少 little的比较级 less,最高级least

  18。 A fter having gone () far, Tom did not want to turn back。

  A. enough B. much C. such D. that (D)

  enough不能置前 that =so 那么

  19. That heart is () intelligent that the stomach, for they are both controlled by the brain.

  A. not so B. not much C. much more D. no more (D)

  no more 不再。。。 no more…than… 与其说。。。毋宁说。。。

  20. Do you enjoy listening to records? I find records are often () of better than an actual performance.

  A. as good as B. as good C. good D. good as (A)

pk10开奖结果  as good as 同级比较; be better than不同级比较






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