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  1.Which following statement do you think is the best to make new friends: 1. Joining in a sport team. 2. Participating in community activities or traveling?2012年5月5日北美(现象证明-选项)例文

pk10开奖结果  2。Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A job a high salary is better than a job with low salary, even if it is easier to lose it。


  A job with more vacation time but a low salary is better than a job with a high salary but less vacation time.2009.2.27NA 范文

  Do you prefer to take a low-paid but secure job or a job with a high salary but easy to lose?2009.9.25NA

  3.It is easier for people to maintain healthy than in the past.20120526NA.范文

pk10开奖结果  4.Governments should focus its budgets more on environmental protection than on economic development.20080112NA/20120323NA.范文

  5。It is almost impossible to be completely honest to friends。20111217NA。范文

  6。University should spend more money supporting social activities rather than improving the food students eat。20120907NA。

pk10开奖结果  7.Working at home using computers and telephone is better than workiing in the office.20120218NA.范文

  8.Nowadays,neighbors depend on each other less than the people in the past.20121006NA.范文

  9.We can learn about a person from the books and movies that person like.20121117NA.范文

  10.The rules that the whole societies today expect to young people to follow and obey are too strict.20121012NA.

  11。In the past young people depended on their parents for making decisions。 Today, young people are better able to make decisions。20100925NA。类似范文

  12.Young people should try several different jobs before they take a long term career.20090123NA.

pk10开奖结果  13。Teachers' performance should be evaluated by students rather than by other teachers。20120915NA。范文

  14.Young people nowadays do not respect their teachers as much as they did in the past.20120817NA.范文

  15。People should buy things made in their own countries, even if things from other countries cost less。20110312ML。






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