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2013-05-11 来源:读书人 

  It is easier for people to maintain healthy than in the past。20120526NA。


  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?It is easier for people to maintain healthy than in the past。

  In an era when people normally cared about survival, it was certainly hard to imagine they would even think about maintaining healthy. As time goes by, it is becoming easier for people to do this. There is everything to do with the mentality, condition and technology development which play important roles concerning health issue.

pk10开奖结果  It comes with new medical technology first when comparing the present with the past. New methods of diognosing disease usually are able to give a very accurate results even in very complicated cases. The employment of MRI and so on enbles doctors to find out very specific and effective ways to cure diseases, which could not ever been imagined dating back to one thousand years ago when people usually went to a shabby surgeon room or simply to a temple to pray. My grandfather, who had survived from a serious stomach cancer, recalled the medical technology, which actually was approximately nothing when he was young, and was completely amazed by the new devices. He had not even heard of X ray, but now he is even able to watch his organ functioning through a huge but less than noisy machine.

  The aftermatch of technology development usually reflects on the improvement of living conditions。 A fast reactive monitering system may "spy" on all changing facts such as pollution emergency or plague spreading。 It is able to inform people the first moment when any form of infective disease breaks out。 It is also required a strong system to take a quick measure to control the situation。 Usually the health division of the government plays that role。 Through news and building temporary hospitals and clinics, we could minimalize the devastation a disease could ever create。 This is something beyond imagination back to, say, half a century ago。 A village of people might not have realized that the adjacent village has been wiped out by a breakout of chicken pox。

pk10开奖结果  Also along this improvement, public area is becoming more and more hegenic. A regular cleaning system keeps the public away from most of the harsh bacteria or virus. Farmacies all over the cities provide all sorts of necessary medicines for people to buy and treat themselves.

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