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2015-08-29 来源 
  留学动机信的目的在于让申请者清楚地表述个人的基本情况、申请学校及专业的原因,以及未来的职业构想。下面出国留学网小编来为大家详细讲解一下。  1、个人的基本情



pk10开奖结果  2、申请原因也就是申请的动机:明确阐述申请某某学校以及某某专业的理由,要告诉校方这个学校为什么吸引你,学习这个专业对你有什么帮助。为什么选择去该国留学。



pk10开奖结果  注:留学动机信一定要具体并且全文贯通,有前因和后果,按照西方人的说法就是有逻辑性。在撰文时,一定要以具体事例配合你所表达的中心思想,使文章显得生动。



  Faculty of Electromechanical Engineering, Guangdong University of Technology, No。 100 Waihuan Xi Road, Guangzhou Higher Education MegaCenter, Panyu District, Guangzhou China, 510006

  Dear Mr. /Mrs. :

  I appreciate that you can take time off your busy schedule to read my letter。 This is a letter of my motivation to apply for the Master degree of Precision Manufacturing(MPM) of University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)。

  First, allow me to introduce myself。 My name is Liu Yang。 I’m a first grade postgraduate of Guangdong University of Technology(GDUT)。 My major is Mechanical Engineering and Automation。 I get my bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Automation at Wuhan University of Technology in 7thJuly, 2007。 After I graduated from my university, I worked in Jiangling automobile joint-stock company for about 1year。 Then I took the Postgraduate entrance examination and was enrolled in GDUT at last。

  There are some hearty reasons why I like SUPSI and the major of MPM:

  First,I am interested in MPM, for I have been studying in Mechanical Engineer- ing and Automation since I started my university life. It’s well known that this major plays a foundational role of the developing of industry and it is easy for us to find a job.MPM, in my opinion,is a similar major with Mechanical Engine- ering and Automation.Exactly speaking, it’s the specialization and concretion of Mechanical Engineering and Automation. MPM in SUPSI based on a set of prominent and well balanced lectures that not only promote individual profess- nal skills and cultivate their ability but also their creativity, management level and shape attitude. I think I can get more professional knowledges than I can get inland and extend my knowledge fields to enhance my competitive strength.

  Second, SUPSI can offer me good teaching quality. SUPSI is one of the eight Universities of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.The institution focuses on education based on professional need and on applied research, and , at the same time, it provides a practice-oriented education and offer a wide range of master’s programs. The educational goal of MPM in SUPSI is to shape new professsional figures characterized by reseach and operate skills through aneffective training path constantly merging reseach and education. For my part,I prefer practice-oriented educcation to pure reseach-oriented.

  Third, SUPSI can affords me a good environment to study. According to Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2010, Switzerland ranked number one among a total of 131 surveyed countries.It’s a reflection of a world-class capacity for innovation, combined with a highly sophisticated business culture. The country has a well-developed infrastructure for scientific reseach,with close collaboration between the leading research centersand industry. What’s more, the top-notch infrastructure, well-built education and health care systems as well as clean and beautiful environment all provides a safe,conve- nient, comfortable and healthy living environment for me to live and study.

  Additional, SUPSI gives a preferential tuition fee. The institution cooperates with our university.Due to the cooperation between the Chinese and Swiss governments on this project,the fees are low.I think choosing to study in SUPSI can lower the financial pressure to my family. Furthermore, after graduating from SUPSI, I will become more competitive and enjoy a more positive prosp- ect in future job market.

  Finally, thank you for your reading again. I am seriously interested in studying at your university. What I care most is, whether I can be accepted by you, I wis- h!

  Looking forward to hearing from you and with best regards to you!

pk10开奖结果  Yours sincerely,

  Liu Yang

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