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2012-09-15 来源:读书人 
加拿大摇滚小天后艾薇儿亮相纽约时装展并宣布将与五分钱(Nickelback)乐队主唱查德-克罗格(Chad Kroeger)结婚,她将亲手为自己设计婚纱或同其他设计师合作,但风格将继续走自己“坏女孩”的路线。

   艾薇儿炫彩长发亮相纽约时装周 称结婚礼服不走寻常路

艾薇儿炫彩长发亮相纽约时装周 称结婚礼服不走寻常路 
  She's only just announced her engagement but Avril Lavigne is already planning what she'll wearing on her wedding day - and promises it will be 'badass'.


  The pop star turned designer, 27, is set to marry Chad Kroeger after he popped the question last month.

  When asked about plans for her gown at the spring collection of her Abbey Dawn clothing line last night, she said: 'Either it's something I'm going to design, or partner up with, collaborate with another designer。'

  'It might be something that I buy a few different dresses and rip them up and put them all together and dye them。'

  Of the 37-year-old Nickelback frontman's proposal after a whirlwind romance, Lavigne said: 'It was really natural, and we met in the studio and were friends for a while, and one of our last days in the studio was when he proposed, and it was super romantic and it had a lot of meaning behind it.'

pk10开奖结果  Lavigne was mum on the subject of her ex, Brody Jenner, whose family she remains friendly with.

  She used one of his sisters, 15-year-old Kylie Jenner, to open and close her downtown runway show in New York.

  In a messy topknot, the teen wore a tight, white dress adorned with the brand's initials in black, block letters. Kylie was also the last to walk, in red, ultra-short shorts with garters attached and a black leather and lace biker jacket.

  Lavigne debuted Abbey Road in 2008 and also sells signature perfumes. Her rocked-out clothes for spring include human skeletons in black on the front of stretchy, striped dresses and in white on others.

  Lavigne also used skulls in black lace on jackets and at the hems of minis.

pk10开奖结果  Skulls with little neon rainbows were in another print used for tops, shorts and more mini dresses, matching pink and purple buns atop the heads of models and the streaks in Lavigne's hair.


  8月8日,五分钱(Nickelback)乐队主唱查德-克罗格(Chad Kroeger)以一枚14克拉的大钻戒向艾薇尔求婚。谈及这段恋情,艾薇尔说:“一切都很自然。我们在录音室相遇,保持了一段朋友关系。在工作即将完成的最后几天,他向我求婚了。超级浪漫,并且非常有意义。”双方的家人都为这一对新人感到高兴,艾薇尔还打算亲手设计婚纱,当然风格会是“坏坏的”。

  艾薇尔在参加完她自创的时装品牌艾比道恩(Abbey Dawn)的春装新品发布会后说:“我会自己设计(婚纱),或者同其他设计师合作。”艾薇尔15岁的小妹妹凯莉-詹纳(Kylie Jenner)也成为了当天的模特。此次发布的春装以饰有花边、彩虹的骷髅和骨架为主要图案,款式多是紧身衣、迷你裙和短裤。当然,模特的发型设计也属于艾薇尔的个人风格,红、黄、蓝、紫的缤纷发色提升了服饰的摇滚风格和时尚感。

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