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Weight loss remains a major health issue for many of us despite the onslaught of weight loss tips and medical aids that surround us. Most of the contemporary solutions border on providing unrealistic weight loss solutions or are too time-consuming. Drastic dieting is never recommended since it can leave you malnourished and damage your body in an unredeemable manner. In order to lose weight naturally, i.e. without using any magic pill or gymming like a maniac, use the following tips:



  Consider Whole Grains As Your Friends


pk10开奖结果  Try to eat a larger concentration of foods made from whole grains (rotis, whole wheat breads, cookies and oatmeal) rather than refined or processed foods. Whole grains are more complex for the body to metabolize, taking a longer digestion route. This keeps the body busy for a longer period, ensuring that energy is released throughout the day. This helps to decrease the frequency and intensity of hunger pangs, particularly the sugar cravings.


  Psychological Preparedness


  Don’t be shy about your weight loss goals. In fact, use the people around you to your advantage. Announce it amongst your friends and family that they should thwart you every time you are headed for a bit piece of creamy cake or a cheese-loaded pizza.

pk10开奖结果  不要因为减肥而感到害羞。事实上,可以让身边的人来帮你减肥。告诉你的朋友和家人,让他们在每当你想拿奶油蛋糕或含有奶酪的披萨时都要阻止你。

  Know Your Food


  You need to be more alert when picking up packaged food items。 Remember that non-saturated fats and essential fatty acids are the good kind of fats that your body needs for its basic functions。 Food items bearing labels of low-fat or low-sugar might not necessarily contain lesser calories。 Instead, try to make smarter substitutions。 For instance, you can choose eggless baked items and juices without sugar。


  Use Water As A Weight Loss Tool


  Try to drink water every time you get hungry or you are about to have a meal, i。e。 just before a major meal like a lunch or dinner。 This is a simple and effective way of instantly quenching your hunger to a certain extent。 More water also raises the metabolic rate or the rate at which the body uses calories, meaning you are losing more calories per hour。


  Manipulate Yourself To Reduce Food Intake

pk10开奖结果  训练自己减少食物的摄入量

  Try to eat slowly, breaking your food into more bites。 This will ensure that you derive more pleasure out of each bite, allowing each morsel to provide more satiety, ensuring your calorie intake at the dining table remain limited。 Rather than taking single, big servings, try to take numerous small servings。 This helps to establish the perception that you have been serving yourself repeatedly and also makes you more conscious about the amount of food you are about to consume。


  Overcome Your Snacking Habits


  Snacking is perhaps the biggest sin a dieter can commit。 To ensure that you stay away from the urge to bite into a chocolate or cookie, keep your mouth busy with sugar-free chewing gum。 Try to sip iced or hot herbal teas prepared with minimal amount of sugar throughout the day。 These are low cal aids that help to establish the feeling of feeding yourself without consuming too many calories, preventing the urge to snack。

pk10开奖结果  吃零食是节食者会犯的最大错误。确保自己远离巧克力或饼干,可以在嘴里嚼无糖口香糖。喝冰镇的或者热的花草茶,里面尽量少放糖。这些低卡路里的食物会让你有饱腹感,压制住吃零食的冲动。

  Keep Away From Salt


  Salt is responsible for retention of water within the large intestine. Further, salt tends to keep our blood pressure high, making us more prone to sweating. These factors raise our thirst and the tendency to consume beverages, including teas and colas, which contain sugar.


  Burn Your Sugars


  If you cannot do without your daily intake of sweet or sugar-concentrated items, try to snack upon them during the morning hours. This ensures that the body will be using the calories extracted from your favorite milkshake throughout the day, reducing the number of calories stored as fat.


  Exercise Easily


  You don’t need to take upon heavy gym routines to exercise your problem areas. For instance, climbing up and down the stairs is one of the easiest, most accessible types of cardiovascular exercise that works-out your hips, legs and thighs beautifully. Combine this with undemanding calorie-burners like brisk walks, walking to the nearby market, walking when talking on your mobile and taking upon more household chores.


  Weight Loss Precautions You Shouldn’t Ignore


  Maintaining your body frame is vital at the time of losing weight. Weight loss often causes loss of vital protein, weakening the muscles that are necessary to maintain the elasticity of our tissues. To ensure that you don’t lose too much of your lean muscle mass, ensure you consume egg whites on a daily basis. Avoid the yolk since it contains a high amount of cholesterol.

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